Virtual Fieldtrips – Englisch

What are Skype Virtual Fieldtrips?

Skype Virtual Fieldtrips allow classes to go onto a fieldtrip without having to leave the school itself. It allows  children to learn more about jobs and certain locations. You can skype with many different people.

How does Skype Virtual Fieldtrips work and what do you need for it to work?

It is actually pretty simple. You just need a Skype account and a PC or Laptop with a camera and microphone and you are ready to go.

On which virtual fieldtrips can you go?

It is possible to visit a castle. But you can also speak with a person in Antarctic. It would be exciting to visit the rainforest and learn more about it or visit the Niagara Falls.

Radivojevic Matija und Akpinar Muhammed, 4A